Mohács Iron Foundry

Our foundry was founded in 1894.
In the beginning, it used to deal with producing and repairing agricultural machinery.
Later on, grey iron poduction has also started. From an initial iron casting once a week, in 1970 our plant has reached a continuous annual production capacity of up to 4000 tons of castings .
We have maintained our international certified quality management system since 1999, presently in accordance with ISO 9001:2009 standard.

Produced materials

  • Grey cast iron according to EN 1561:2000
    • EN-GJL-150 (cast iron 150, nodular graphite 15)
    • EN-GJL-200 (cast iron 200, nodular graphite 20)
    • EN-GJL-250 (cast iron 250, nodular graphite 25)
    • EN-GJL-300 (cast iron 300; nodular graphite 30) quality levels.
  • Ductile cast iron according to EN 1563:2000
    • EN-GJS-400-15
    • EN-GJS-450-10
    • EN-GJS-500-7
    • EN-GJS-600-3
    • EN-GJS-700-2 quality levels
  • Capacity of production: 4000 tons of cast iron / year (hand-moulding and and semi-automatic moulding machines)
  • Dimensions of castings produced:
    Minimum dimensions of castings are 50x50x50 mm
    Maximum dimensions of castings are 2500x1500x800 mm
    Weight limit of our castings:
    – Minimum weight is 0.5 kg / piece
    – Maximum weight is up to 700 kg / piece
  • Minimum wall thickness : 6-8 mm

The main qualities of castings produced in our foundry are as follows:

  • Good machinability
  • Good pressure resistance
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Smooth surface toughness
  • Good grindability

We offer :

  • Cast iron water-pipe fittings, especially pillar fire hydrants, underground fire hydrants, common wells with ejector and also, from among drainage castings we have several different manhole covers, gratings and frames.
  • We aim to satisfy every demand for castings in the field of mechanical engineering, machine and part supply.
  • Our main activities in the field of machine and part supply production are machining and assembling castings but we also offer machining, producing and assembling of machine parts and equipment. We have horizontal and vertical machines and we undertake any machining jobs up to 1200 mm in diameter. We have significant capacity for machining jobs of small and middle sized machinery. Our subcontractors can do any machining jobs that require especially precise machining.
  • We have an assembly shop where we can assemble our machined castings.
  • At our clients’ request, we can cover the surface of our castings either with water based priming paint or with multi-layer paint , even zinc or plastic covering.
  • An essential element of our activities is tool-making in our model tool-making shop. We can undertake pattern making made of different materials (wood, metal and plastic patterns and core boxes) with either traditional technology or modern 3D technology with software support. The tools and patterns are produced according to our technology, they have a long lifetime thus ensuring the good quality of castings.

We look forward to your inquiry