Mohácsi Vasöntöde has always been concerned about environmental protection. Due to the continuous investments, besides the significant development of the working environment, the environmental situation of the company improved, as well.
Although environmental protection has always played a major role in the company’s life, it became a company project and objective only from the beginning of the 80’s.

Due to the location of the factory, air pollution and noise emission have become the first problems addressed by our company from the mid 70’s. The adverse environmental effects caused by the activity of the factory founded in 1894 increased together with the development of our performance. At the same time, the surroundings of the factory have evolved to a residential area as new districts have been built around it. The principal objective of the investments was to decrease the adverse effects of production, in accordance with the environmental requirements drawn up in the meantime.

Here are some examples of our investment initiatives with the help of which we reduced harmful emissions and noise disturbance, and significantly improved the working environment as well, in accordance with the above concept.
Mechanization of sand pre-treatment in 1974. Emission levels have been significantly cut by the modernization of the gas compressor and the installation of GISAC wet dust separators. Construction of a sound wall along the north boundaries in 1988. The mechanization of the material preparation of the cupola furnaces has reduced the noise of material handling.
The noise level of the dust separator, the gas compressor plant and the dust separator has reduced.

The initiatives above are only illustrating examples demonstrating our efforts related to environmental protection; however, they clearly reflect the importance the management and the staff of the factory attaches to environmental protection.
Significant environmental investments will ensure to meet the increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements and standards in the future, as well, since the protection of the health of workers and nearby residents, and ensuring their peace, as well as the reduction of environmentally harmful effects are our common interest.