2016 10.Aug

Purchase of rotating crane

2016 26.Jan

Purchase of Omega core shooter machine

2015 12.Dec

Purchase of iron separator machine

2014 10 Jul.

Complete replacement of our lifting machinery park

2014 13.Jul

Purchase of inverter welding machines and electric hand tools

2014 05 Apr.

Dewa painting equipment

2013 13 Nov.

Landscape works over the whole area of the factory

2013 27 Aug.

Complete refurbishment (solar panels, changing rooms, bathrooms) of the recreational building

2013 09 Oct.

Construction of new personnel facilities and canteens to each plant


Installation of sound walls, construction of new pavements on the whole area of the yard

2013 03 Jun.

Installation of our Omega core sand mixer

2013 10 Jan.

Modernization of our cleaning technology

2013 23 Mar.

Purchase of a spectrometer, development of the laboratory

2012 10 Sep.

Complete refurbishment of the office building, new furniture

2012 15 Jan

Replacement of our cupola furnace by dual induction furnaces


Refurbishment of the raw material warehouse


New painting unit


Launching our ISO 9001 Quality Management System


Our company becomes an limited liability company


Development of our range of services: besides large machine repair services we offer transformation services, as well

1985 20. oct

Our casting performance has reached 6.000 tonnes

1985 05 feb

The former factory unit becomes an independent company under the name Mohácsi Vasöntöde


The number of our international clients is increasing and our casting production reaches 4.000 tonnes


The quantity of cast iron production is 3.500 tonnes


Our company has manufactured 2.800 tonnes of grey cast iron products


Ship construction ceases to be a part of our business activities


Following nationalization, our new name is Mohácsi Gép- és Fémgyár


Our iron casting production has reached 6 tonnes per year


Foundation of the predecessor company of Mohácsi Vasöntöde Ltd.