Manhole frame and cover

Cast iron manhole frame and cover. A-D load classes. They come out in unique, decorative designe. More than 100 years of experience.
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Cast iron manhole frame and cover

Area of application:

To cover storm drains or maintenance holes connected to utility networks.

Available variants:

Circular cross-section manhole opening:
  • A15-890-500 light-duty – 1.5t load resistance
  • A15-890-600 light-duty – 1.5t load resistance
  • cleaning hole Ø300, hinged – 12.5t load resistance
  • cleaning hole Ø300, removable cover plate – 12.5t load resistance
  • manhole cover Ø600 – 40t load resistance
Square cross-section manhole opening:
  • 500×500 A-D load resistance
  • 600×400 A-D load resistance
  • 600×600 A-D load resistance
  • 800×600 A-D load resistance
  • 800×800 A-D load resistance
  • 1000×600 A-D load resistance
  • 1000×1000 A-D load resistance

Loading classes:


Suitable for use only in locations of pedestrian and bicycle traffic and green areas where traffic is not possible even periodically.


For pathways and pedestrian areas which can only be trafficked for supply and sanitation purposes, or in cases of emergency. Set in the pavement to cover storm drains or maintenance holes, it is suitable for passenger car parking areas or areas which can be used as parking lots.


Suitable for covering storm drains or maintenance holes, installed within the range of the kerbside, on roads and any location subject to traffic. It can extend into the highway up to 0.5m at most.


Suitable for covering storm drains or maintenance holes installed on motorways, roads, or any location subject to traffic, up to the wheel load indicated on the lid. The bearing surface of the round manhole frames and covers prevent them from tilting!
We can supply the lids with inscriptions or other decorative motifs such as coats of arms, or logos. Waterproof variants of certain models are also available.


  • We offer mould pattern production, as well as hand-casting, and satisfy client demands irrespective of how small quantities or unique products they require.
  • In case you are looking for a unique item, we can help you with planning, with preparing patterns and the production itself.

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