Cambridge roller

Cast iron cambridge roller. It is used in agriculture as a tillage equipment.

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Cambridge roller, cleaner disc

Fields of application:

  • Cambridge rollers are especially suitable for additional pre-sowing soil processing, restoration of soil capillarity, crumbling of clods and surface levelling.
  • They are also suitable for the soil processing after sowing – more uniform seed emergence and acceleration of vegetation.

Technical data:

  • Material quality: EN-GJL-200 (grey cast iron),
  • upon request in painted designe,
  • sizes in the product specification


Moreover, we aim to satisfy every demand for castings in the field of mechanical engineering, machine and part supply.

Produced materials

  • Grey cast iron according to EN 1561:2000
    • EN-GJL-150 (cast iron 150, nodular graphite 15)
    • EN-GJL-200 (cast iron 200, nodular graphite 20)
    • EN-GJL-250 (cast iron 250, nodular graphite 25)
    • EN-GJL-300 (cast iron 300; nodular graphite 30) quality levels.
  • Ductile cast iron according to EN 1563:2000
    • EN-GJS-400-15
    • EN-GJS-450-10
    • EN-GJS-500-7
    • EN-GJS-600-3
    • EN-GJS-700-2 quality levels


Dimensions of castings produced:

  • Minimum dimensions of castings are 50x50x50 mm
  • Maximum dimensions of castings are 2500x1500x800 mm

Weight limit of our castings:

  • Minimum weight is 0.5 kg / piece
  • Maximum weight is up to 700 kg / piece

Minimum wall thickness:

6-8 mm

The main qualities of castings produced in our foundry are as follows:

  • Good machinability
  • Good pressure resistance
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Smooth surface toughness
  • Good grindability

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