Public well with ejector

Cast iron public well with ejector (drinking water well) even in decorative, unique designe. Inner parts can be repaired from above, without excavating the well itself. More than 100 years of experience.
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Area of application:

Connected to the water supply system of municipalities, they are suitable to be used as public well mainly for withdrawing drinking water. The temperature of the drinking water entering in contact with the product shall not exceed 30°C.

Material of the main parts:

  • EN-GJL-200 (cast iron): pillar, bowl, valve box, back up flange, guide disc, outlet cover, lever arm
  • EN-GJS-500-7 (ductile iron): joint head
  • Brass: guide insert, seat, gasket, valve box
  • Steel: axle, connection pipe, subsoil pipe, compression spring
  • EPDM rubber: seal, O-ring, gasket sleeve, valve ring

Variants available                              Unit weight (kg)

  • PUBLIC WELL WITH EJECTOR WITH BOWL                      60


In a manhole or on the ground, mounted onto a concrete basement. Anti-tilting shall be ensured by spreading cement mortar under the well. When installing in a manhole, the subsoil pipe shall be secured to the manhole walls by 2 pcs of steel clamps. After installation and before is first use, it is recommended to drain off the public well with an ejector to eliminate eventual impurities. The soaking water must not be used for domestic purposes, let it flow into the storm drains.


To open the tap, push down the lever arm. Close position is reached automatically when releasing the lever arm. Once closed, the water left inside the connection pipe flows into the subsoil pipe placed below froze depth. The public well is thus protected from frosting in winter and does not require any thawing-out. When opening it again, this water gets sucked up into the tube by the ejector fitted in the valve system. The process is repeated at each opening operation. It is therefore recommended to drain it off after outages to remove the water stagnating in small volumes inside the well. The water obtained by the draining off or rinsing must not be used for drinking or for culinary purposes!

Withdrawal of water:

Outflow into a recipient through an outlet size ½”.

Connection to main water:

Threaded, C ¾”

Cleaning, disinfecting, and repairing:

Can only be disinfected by using a disinfectant tested and approved by the Office of the Chief Medical Officer. Use the proper disinfectant in accordance with the product data sheet. The inside structure of the well can be removed after the outlet cover has been taken off, without having to excavate the whole body.


Parts protected by an epoxy-based multilayer weatherproof coating system, according to the requirements of the Office of the Chief Medical Officer. Inside casting surface treated with bicomponent epoxy coating tested and certified by the National Public Health and Medical Officer Service.


  • Pursuant to Article 86 (1) of Act CXL of 2004 on the general regulations for administrative proceedings and services, Article 7 (1) of Act XI of 1991 on the health authority and related administrative activities, and Article 8/A (1) of Government Decree No. 201/2001 (25 Oct.) on the quality requirements and the control procedures of drinking water, both the notifier and, in case of redistribution, the redistributor has reporting obligations with regard to the materials and products entering into direct contact with the water during the supply of drinking and domestic hot water or, in case of distribution or redistribution, with regard to the conditions of use of the registered material and product.
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