Industrial machinery casting

High quality industrial machinery castings, machinery parts (spare parts). We aim to satisfy every demand for castings for any field of machine industry. Strictly controlled quality.

    Industrial machinery castings

    We aim to satisfy every demand for castings in the field of mechanical engineering the dimensions of castings and quality levels of material see below:

    Quality levels:

    • EN 1561:2000 according to EN-GJL-200 (cast iron 200, nodular graphite 20) and EN-GJL-250 (cast iron 250, nodular graphite 25).
    • Ductile cast iron according to EN 1563:2000 (EN-GJS-500 and EN-GJS-700) quality levels.

    Dimensions of castings produced:

    • Minimum dimensions of castings are 50x50x50 mm
    • Maximum dimensions of castings are 2500x1500x800 mm

    Weight limit of our castings:

    • Minimum weight is 0.5 kg / piece
    • Maximum weight is up to 700 kg / piece
    • Minimum wall thickness : 6-8 mm

    We can undertake the production of industrial machinery castings, agricultural machinery castings and machinery parts.

    The main qualities of castings produced in our foundry are as follows:

    • Good machinability
    • Good pressure resistance
    • Good abrasion resistance
    • Smooth surface toughness
    • Good grindability

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