Barbecue grill

Cast iron barbecue grill, that is perfectly suitable for outdoor BBQs with family and friends.
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Barbecue grill


  • GR-01 charcoal grid 14 kg 1 pc/product
  • GR-02 left bracket 1.65 kg 1 pc/product
  • GR-03 right bracket 1.65 kg 1 pc/product
  • GR-04 legs 0.9 kg 2 pcs/product
  • GR-05 spacer 0.65 kg 2 pcs/product

Suitable for:

Outdoor cooking, placed on a pre-built charcoal grilling platform.


The reinforced grid is not susceptible to warp under the influence of heat. The barbecue grates (not included) are height-adjustable in 4 levels by using the spikes on the brackets. Make sure to avoid the contact of overheated components with cold water! It is recommended to place an ash pan under the charcoal grid!

Material quality:



Grinded, sandblasted design – also available in a fully assembled form for additional charge.

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